The Right Trailer for Your Job

Big things occasionally need towing but sometimes your truck or pickup rentals are not enough by itself. Whether you are buying a trailer or renting one you need to pick the right one for the job. There will be a number of factors that come into the equation so make sure you do your homework.

Load Weight Requirements

Some people think any trailer will do. Depending how many axels and wheels a trailer has will greatly affect the outcome of your task the larger it is. If your trailer is too small the likelihood of a blowout or breaking the trailer rises. The trailer, your trucks or pickup rentals and the load itself will all be at risk if you don’t get the right one. Other considerations are the specs for the tongue and your hitch assembly. If the trailer can bear the weight but your personal truck cannot then you’ll only cause yourself damage.

Enclosed or Exposed

Enclosed trailers are far more expensive and quite limited by their interior dimensions so choose carefully and make sure you know the length, width and height of anything you intend to tow. There will also be a greater amount of weight added to the gross total. The local laws may also require you to tie down your load with tarps, so be informed. Even if the laws don’t demand it tying down your load can add safety and prevent it shifting while you’re towing it. Shifting loads can dangerously change the center of gravity. Even a large truck or pickup rentals will have a hard time pulling something that is out of balance. It can pull your tail end side to side.

Trailer Agility Considered

Don’t assume you won’t back up with your trailer load. Unforeseen circumstances could come up. If your truck or pickup rental obstructs the view of your trailer load, it will make backing up significantly harder. The length of the trailer will also affect how quickly your trailer adjusts based on the location of the axels. The shorter the trailer the faster it will and thus can potentially do damage if done without practice. Be prepared and be safe.

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