Summit Fleet is committed to supporting the intricate and diverse needs of engineering projects. Our fleet is designed to meet the precision and reliability required by engineers, ensuring your project's success from concept to construction.

We Know Engineering

At the core of any major project is an army of engineers. Engineers specialize in everything from civil to chemical, but no matter their specialty, all engineers rely on safe, comfortable transportation as they move from site to site. Summit Fleet provides engineering professionals with exactly that.

Partnering with Summit Fleet means you can:

  • Eliminate high initial costs and payments
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork
  • Replace unused inventory with flexible and efficient transportation options
  • Rest easy knowing you can increase or reduce your fleet at any time

Streamlined Process for Optimal Efficiency

Choose Summit Fleet for a hassle-free experience that matches the precision of your engineering projects. Rent and Lease with confidence, knowing that our fleet will meet your high standards of performance and reliability.
Specialized Fleet

Select from a variety of trucks engineered for different aspects of engineering work, including site surveys, project management, and construction.

Nationwide Accessibility

With delivery across the contiguous United States and Canada, we ensure that your project has the necessary vehicles, no matter the location.

Adaptable Rent/Lease

Our flexible lease and rental options cater to the varying durations and scopes of engineering projects, providing a cost-effective alternative to purchasing.

Flexible Fleet Solutions

At Summit Fleet, we offer both rental and leasing options to meet any fleet need. Whether it’s for a short-term project or a long-term strategy, we provide flexible solutions, ensuring businesses have access to the vehicles they need.


Customized fleet vehicle leasing programs for any application, with scalable solutions.



Strategic solutions for fleet requirements of any size, project or application.


Engineer Your Success with the Right Fleet

Elevate your engineering projects with Summit Fleet's tailored truck solutions. Our flexible and reliable fleet is ready to support your diverse needs.