The growing wind industry demands skilled professionals for designing, constructing, and maintaining turbines. Summit Fleet supports this sector by offering truck leasing and rentals to companies in turbine construction and maintenance.

Exploring Wind Energy at Local Levels

Wind energy is not only for the big, utility-scale wind power facilities like a lot of people tend to think. Wind energy is also used at smaller local levels too. The smaller, distributed wind projects are being used by businesses, schools, and residential areas as well. Whether it’s small, commercial scale or large, commercial scale, our team here at Summit Fleet will provide your crew with the resources you need for the duration of your project.

What’s our connection to the wind industry?

People who work in the wind industry have important responsibilities. For example, a precision machinist uses various drill presses to create and produce the metal and plastic parts for wind turbines.

Key Responsibilities

Workers in the wind industry play crucial roles. Precision machinists use drill presses to craft metal and plastic turbine parts. Computer-controlled machine operators shape these parts, while assemblers combine smaller components to create larger ones.

Components of a Wind Turbine

Wind turbines consist of blades, a tower, and a nacelle. While manufacturing these components is challenging, transporting them is made easy by our services. Whether it's tools, crew, or fleet vehicles, we're here to meet all your wind turbine transportation needs.

Summit Fleet Solutions

Summit Fleet provides reliable truck rental and lease services essential for transporting materials to rural areas, especially where standard trucks struggle with challenging road conditions common near wind turbines.

We know wind

Summit Fleet is a proud member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It’s the national trade association for the country’s wind industry. Our membership is proof of the fact that we understand the value of your industry and our contribution to making your job easier.

Transportation Efficiency

Optimize your inventory by replacing unused items with new leased vehicles and truck rentals.


Eliminate high initial costs and payments.


Streamline paperwork. Adjust your fleet size to match business demands.

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Whether you need a truck fleet rental for your short-term or long-term construction projects, Summit Fleet has got you covered. From pickup trucks to flatbeds we offer the right vehicles you need to run a successful construction business.