Solar power is a booming industry, gaining popularity as a top energy source. Summit Fleet supports this trend, offering truck rentals and leasing for solar energy companies, witnessing the rise firsthand.

Our Unique Advantage in Truck Rentals

Solar power has changed the way people live because of how efficient they are. It’s the efficiency and affordability that is sparking the interest of consumers, therefore, making the demand for solar-powered products in high demand. Where does Summit Fleet come in? We are here to assist your company with the high demand and supply your company with the right types of vehicles to increase your supply and demand.

We’ve got the Resources to Power the Solar Industry

Count on us for your solar project's vehicle needs, from a few trucks to an entire fleet. Safely transport your crew to remote job sites, meeting project deadlines and demonstrating your commitment to client satisfaction.

Fleet for Varied Environments

In the unpredictable and diverse landscapes of rural areas, we understand the importance of having the right vehicles for your solar projects. Our fleet ranges from robust off-road trucks to efficient on-road vehicles, ensuring that your crew can reach even the most remote job sites.

Safe Crew Transportation

Meeting project deadlines is crucial in the solar industry, and we prioritize the safe and timely transportation of your crew. Our commitment goes beyond just delivering trucks; we aim to ensure that your team reaches job sites safely and efficiently.

Flexible Logistics Solutions

Whether your project involves a fixed location or requires movement between different sites, our logistics solutions are designed to accommodate your needs. We offer the flexibility to deliver trucks to your specified location and, if necessary, pick them up from a different site.

We Know Solar

We know what it takes to transport your crew safely to and from solar facilities. Better yet, we’ll get them there in comfort and style as well. Need to transport solar equipment? We’ve got that covered too.


Eliminate high initial costs and payments


Reduce unnecessary paperwork


Replace unused inventory with flexible and efficient transportation options

Reduce your fleet

Rest easy knowing you can increase or reduce your fleet at any time

Get Your Rate Today

Whether you need fleet trucks for short or long-term, Summit Fleet has you covered. Rent vehicles only when you need them, and Lease vehicles for longer-term requirements.