Summit Fleet Mastercard

Why Mastercard?

Summit Fleet’s convenient and easy to use Fleet Mastercard has extensive vendor acceptance across Canada and the USA. Clients receive the largest vendor network offered in fleet as a result of Mastercard’s expansive network.

Clients can limit the types of transactions allowed by driver, down to the unit level. Clients can set soft limits that trigger instant notifications, allowing them to manage by exception.

Only client-approved transactions/purchases are accepted by the program.

For example:

  • Most client choose to limit purchases to fuel and maintenance transactions only.
  • Their drivers cannot utilize the Summit Fleet Mastercard at non-fuel or non-maintenance vendors – the transaction is declined automatically at point of sale.
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  • Summit Fleet Mastercard is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Customizable controls and limits based on client requirements
  • Mastercard’s fraud protection
  • Vendor discounts
  • Vendor is paid immediately
  • Real-time system
  • Customer Service & Maintenance Call Center
  • Full reporting capabilities, including exception reporting


  • Convenience of extensive vendor acceptance
  • Acceptance by vendors in remote areas
  • Flexibility to control what each driver can (and can not) purchase
  • Cost savings

Other Benefits

The Summit Fleet MasterCard offers robust spending controls, detailed customizable reports, and widespread merchant acceptance, streamlining fleet management and optimizing cost efficiency.

Full Control

Clients can restrict the Card to fuel only, maintenance only, or fuel and maintenance.

Transaction Limits

Transaction level limits can be imposed to fully manage your driver's purchases.
•Number of transactions per day
•Dollar amount per transaction
•Dollar amount per day
•Time window limits for purchases
•And other customizable restrictions

Real-Time Notifications

Get real-time notifications on transactions and suspicious activity as well as exception reporting.


Through vendor discounts, maintenance cost avoidance, and consolidated monthly bill, Summit Fleet provides clients with a flexible, low-cost, secure, convenient solution for fuel and maintenance management.

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