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The Right Truck for Your Industry

In every industry, having the right tools, including vehicles in the transport sector, is crucial for success and economic growth. The transport of goods and people is essential, and the right truck for the job can significantly impact economic expansion. While talented workers are key, the transportation of materials is equally important, and we serve the industries where the right truck is critical to their success.

No matter your industry, let us work for you to deliver the right trucks for your job.

Save Upfront Capital Costs

Starting a business often involves significant upfront costs for vehicle acquisition, with a single truck costing between $45,000 to $55,000. For new businesses, this investment, along with maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs, can be prohibitively expensive. However, options like leasing or renting from companies like Summit Fleet can provide a cost-effective solution, allowing businesses to succeed without the burden of initial capital investment.

Summit Fleet Solutions

Summit Fleet is here to help you reach success and achieve vehicle acquisition; There’s no need to “throw in the towel all because you don’t have the upfront capital to get the vehicle you need for your business. At Summit Fleet, we can provide you with the trucks you need – rentals only when you need them, or long-term monthly lease payments. No need to use up capital buying your own fleet of vehicles.

From big jobs to small jobs, we can provide exactly what you need.

We have pickup trucks to handle light to medium-duty projects and flatbed trucks to assist you with heavy-duty projects that require more performance power.