In the world of environmental services, it can involve a myriad of different areas ranging from construction to waste removal. Whichever sector your career is in, as an environmental consultant, you play a major role in the ins and outs of today’s’ society.

We know the environment

Every significant project — from energy to construction — involves some form of environmental consulting. As consultants keep an eye on the environment, they need eco-friendly and effective vehicles. Summit Fleet gets environmental consultants wherever they need to go.

Partnering with Summit Fleet means you can:

  • Eliminate high initial costs and payments
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork
  • Replace unused inventory with flexible and efficient transportation options
  • Rest easy knowing you can increase or reduce your fleet at any time

Driving Eco-Friendly Projects Forward

Summit Fleet is dedicated to empowering environmental projects with a fleet that meets the unique challenges of sustainability efforts. Our environmentally-conscious approach ensures that your project has the right vehicles to minimize ecological impact while maximizing efficiency.

Versatile Fleet Selection

Choose from a range of trucks that are ideal for environmental surveys, conservation efforts, and renewable energy projects.

Nationwide Accessibility

We provide timely delivery and pickup of vehicles across the contiguous United States and Canada, ensuring support for projects in diverse ecological zones.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Our rental model allows for the selective use of vehicles only when needed, reducing the environmental impact compared to owning a fleet.

Flexible Fleet Solutions

At Summit Fleet, we offer both rental and leasing options to meet any fleet need. Whether it’s for a short-term project or a long-term strategy, we provide flexible solutions, ensuring businesses have access to the vehicles they need.


Customized fleet vehicle leasing programs for any application, with scalable solutions.



Strategic solutions for fleet requirements of any size, project or application.


Join Us in Driving Environmental Change

Ready to make a positive impact with your next project? Choose Summit Fleet for environmentally conscious truck solutions. Rent or Lease with us to support your eco-friendly initiatives effectively and sustainably.