Reduce Spend. Save Time.
Focus On Your Core Business.

You know your business; we know fleet management.

Through direct, hands-on, personal service, we partner with you to improve safety and efficiency, while lowering your fleet spend. Our extensive fleet expertise and suite of custom solutions are at your service. Telematics, Managed Maintenance, Fleet Card, and More!

Our advantage at Summit Fleet is being able to provide a variety of quality fleet management services to our clients. We have an extensive list of services to help you manage your vehicle fleet more efficiently and effectively.

Technology and web services

Our in-house built customer portal gives you direct access to your fleet data, including viewing unit details, making driver updates, running reports, and more.

Licensing program

Avoid the administrative time and cost associated with registering your fleet vehicles and your yearly license renewals.

Taxable benefit tracking

We track personal and business kilometers on a monthly basis, and report back to you at the end of the year.

Roadside assistance

Our program offers 24/7 roadside assistance for all your drivers in Canada and the United States.

Driver safety training

Unique safety solutions customized for your organization. Manage risk, improve driver behaviour and decrease subrogation costs.

Preventative maintenance program

Pro-actively manage your fleet vehicle's maintenance and avoid downtime.

Traffic violations program

A simple and effective way of managing traffic violations. From tracking to payment, we take this off your plate.

Accident management

Efficiently manage collisions, windshield replacements, third party subrogation and rental vehicle requirements.

GPS and telematics

Analyze big data to optimize your fleet's productivity. Keep track of your vehicle fleet's Key Performance Indicators and location 24/7.

Full outsource program

Don't give fleet administration a second thought. Outsourcing the administration to us enables you to focus on your core business, free up internal resources, and leverage industry experts to manage your fleet administration.

Summit Fleet Mastercard

With Summit Fleet’s MasterCard, drivers can access the largest vendor network in Canada and United States. Accepted by any MasterCard-approved vendors, making fuel and maintenance purchases has never been so convenient.

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