Integrated Maintenance

Let Integrated Maintenance turbo-charge the performance of your fleet!
from preventative maintenance, to cost avoidance, to vehicle lifecycle and driver safety.


  • Enhanced visibility by repair order line item
  • Enhanced policy management opportunities
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting detail
  • Control over vendor-proposed maintenance and repairs, prior to work being done
  • Post-warranty goodwill support
  • Vendor discounts
  • Consolidated monthly bill
  • Client web portal
  • Real-time system
  • Maintenance Call Center


Detailed data
Extended vehicle lifecycle
Reduced downtime
Improved driver safety
Maintenance and repair cost avoidance
Vendor discount savings
Post-warranty goodwill negotiation savings
Just 1 bill per month for all maintenance and repairs

Optional Add-On’s:

  • Fuel Card
  • Prepaid PM Packages

Managed Maintenance

Summit Fleet’s Managed Maintenance program is available through our Summit Fleet Mastercard. Fuel and Maintenance transactions are charged to the card, and the client receives a consolidated, monthly bill.

The program delivers savings to our customers in the following ways:

  • Cost avoidance
  • Post warranty goodwill
  • Preferred vendor discounts

Summit Fleet’s maintenance team reviews, negotiates, denies and/or approves each line item of the repair order, based on odometer, maintenance history, necessity, price, client policy, and preventative maintenance best practices. We also build business cases to support requests for post-warranty goodwill on behalf of our clients.

Summit Fleet Mastercard

With Summit Fleet’s MasterCard, drivers can access the largest vendor network in Canada and United States. Accepted by any MasterCard-approved vendors, making fuel and maintenance purchases has never been so convenient.

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