Frequently Asked Questions

Once I’ve placed my fleet rental order, how long will it take for me to receive my vehicles?

The delivery time depends on type of truck, order size, inventory availability, and delivery location. We can deliver to most provinces and locations in the lower 48 states within five to ten business days. Vehicles can also be picked up at the nearest Summit Fleet branch office. We encourage you to contact your Sales Representative regarding any special requirements you might have.

What is the shortest rental period Summit Fleet offers?

We rent vehicles for a minimum of one month, but you will see with transportation charges it will better to rent long term. You’ll discover that Summit Fleet rates becomes more economical the longer you rent. 

How long does it take to set up an account?

Your account will be set up once we have successfully processed your business credit check, insurance certificate, and receive a signed contract. It typically takes 1-5 business days depending on the speed in which we receive them.

Can we tow with a Summit Fleet truck?

Yes. All our trucks come with a receiver hitch for towing. Summit Fleet flatbeds come standard with a gooseneck hitch and can be set up for a 5th wheel receiver. However, we recommend that you follow appropriate guidelines from the manufacturer, state and local regulations, and your own company’s policy. 

Can you deliver large orders?

Yes, we can. Summit Fleet can deliver any order size you may have. It can be 2 trucks or 100. We will make sure you get them all delivered to you.

Does Summit Fleet allow off-road driving?

Of course! Unlike many rental companies, our contract does permit you to drive your vehicles offroad. We understand that your projects may be in places where there are no asphalt roads.

My jobsite is in a remote location. Can Summit Fleet supply trucks for my project?

Absolutely. Summit Fleet regularly supplies trucks, on a monthly basis, to just about any location, anywhere in the continental United States.

What type of trucks do Summit Fleet rent?

We have a few types of trucks available for rent. We offer ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1-ton flatbeds, and 1.5-ton flatbeds. All our trucks are crew cab and are 4×4 ready. 

Can I put my company logo on a Summit Fleet vehicle?

Yes. We allow our customers to put removable logos on our trucks.

Can I purchase the vehicle once I’m done renting it?

Purchasing a vehicle from Summit Fleet is possible. Please contact us for details.

Does Summit Fleet rent to individuals, or only to companies?

We provide only corporate, monthly rentals.

Does Summit Fleet lease to individuals, or only to companies?

We only offer corporate/commercial leased vehicles

What is the difference between open-end and closed-end leasing?

Open-end leasing is typically less costly for the client. They take the risk on resale value at the end of the lease, and frequently benefit from a healthy gain on resale (the difference between depreciated book value and resale proceeds). With closed-end leasing, the lessor (Summit Fleet) takes the risk on resale value and the client doesn’t not benefit from any gains on resale.

Can I put my company logo on a vehicle leased through Summit Fleet?

Yes. We allow our customers to put removable logos on the vehicle they lease from us.

What are the key benefits of leasing versus purchasing vehicles?

There are many benefits of leasing. We have outlined a couple here, and our sales team can fill you in on the rest. Leasing vehicles increases cashflow and allows clients to invest their capital in expansion or projects, where there is a positive return on investment. Since leased vehicles are owned by the lessor (Summit Fleet), they do not appear on the Balance Sheet, which improves the client’s debt to equity ratio.

Can you structure a lease payment tailored to my company’s requirements?

Yes. We customize lease payments using various levers: fixed or floating interest rates, residual or fully amortized leases, capitalized upfitting, and monthly depreciation based on projected usage.

What are your most popular fleet management services?

Commercial rentals and leasing are number 1. Next is Telematics, Remarketing, and the Summit Fleet Mastercard with managed and integrated maintenance. Also popular is Analytics, Annual License and Registration Renewals, Roadside Assistance, and Taxable benefit tracking.

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