What You Should Know About Truck Sizes

Truck is a broad term used to describe a vehicle that is often much larger than your average car, much more powerful and usually manlier. To many a truck is a truck, however to truck enthusiast there are many kinds. For example, do you know the difference between a pickup rental and a 1 ton truck rental? How about diesel rental trucks and a commercial truck rental?

The point is, there are many types of trucks available to us. If you’re planning on renting one for your next trip, company project or even your next move, it is important to understand the different sizes and classifications. This will ensure that you get put into the right truck for the job.

Compact Trucks

These are the smallest trucks in the family. Introduced to North America in 1960, this vehicle is the most popular form of the pickup truck for conventional use. The trucks are often fitted with small L4, L5, L6 or V6 engines that run on gasoline.

This pickup truck fits into the Class one category, usually weighing under 6,000 pounds. While popular here in America, many people wanted more hauling capability without having to move up to a full-size pickup. This was the beginning of the mid-size pickup truck.

Mid-Size Pickups

The first mid-size pickup truck was introduced in 1987, which carried a V6 engine. This vehicle came from the popularity of the early compact pickup truck. Common amongst construction workers, this truck has also become a staple for the average American family, which is why it offers a larger cab for increased passenger capacity.

Bigger than a compact pickup but more efficient than a full-size pickup, this vehicle falls under the class two category, with weights ranging from 6,001 to 10,000.

Full-Size Pickup

Oddly enough, this monster of a truck also falls into the class two category along with the mid-size pickup. These full-size trucks often come in three ranges- ½ ton, ¾ ton and one-ton. Introduced in 1993, the full-size pickup became the modern staple for construction workers and others who wanted to perform heavy duty tasks with strength and efficiency.

These trucks can haul heavier loads than their predecessors, making them some of the toughest vehicles on the road to this day.

These are just the basics of truck classification, make sure you go out and test drive a few trucks before deciding on which one to rent.