How to Get Your Drivers to Take Better Care of Rental Trucks

Getting dirty and getting a couple of scrapes and bruises comes with the job when you’re working on a pipeline in a remote worksite. When you’re looking for a fleet of rental trucks for your workers to use when they’re out on a job, you want a set of trucks that are just as tough as they are.

Our trucks can handle anything you throw their way, and we have a wear and tear policy that understands that our rental trucks will be pushed to their limits. What our policy doesn’t allow for, however, is negligence. We understand that some workers are too busy with the job at hand to worry about taking care of their pickup rental, but as a fleet manager, you can develop a set of incentives and disciplinary programs that ensure your fleet of rental trucks don’t come back to us with any unnecessary damages.

Start With Education

Nobody likes sitting through orientation, but sometimes it’s the best way to get a message across. Educating your workers on the do’s and don’ts for handling their rental truck tells them that they’re being given a responsibility with their trucks. Teaching your workers how to treat a rental truck should require some driving training as well. For new workers, an initial driving course is vital, but for workers who have been with you for a while, it’s still important to consider having them take at least an annual driving training class or test with the company.

Develop a Clear Policy Before Something Happens

Whether it’s an accident or negligence, there will probably come a time where one of your workers damages their pickup rental so severely that it’ll have to cost extra money. But before that ever happens, make sure your employees know what the repercussions are for severely damaging a rental truck. Some companies choose to have the worker pay for the excess expense, while others will suspend them or have them retake a driving class. Whatever policy you think is best for your employees, enact it promptly and make sure you’re able to answer any questions they might have about the new set of rules.

Provide Incentives

Good work deserves to be rewarded, especially when it comes to avoiding you or your company from having to pay more expenses. If a worker comes back from a series of jobs without any damages done to his rental trucks, then he should be rewarded with some sort of work incentive so that he understands that you’re thankful for putting in the extra mile. If you don’t incentivize your workers to not damage your rental trucks, then at some point your workers will become careless with their rental trucks.

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