Training Your Drivers

The leading cause of work related death for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 is auto accidents. Most people won’t admit if they’re bad drivers, but let’s face it, most drivers haven’t had a safety refresher course since they got out of their high school drivers education. You are probably in the same boat. If you have personal or small business plans that require any amount of unsupervised drivers, might we suggest investing in training courses for your workers and drivers?  Whether you have a single truck or multiple rental trucks, the option of professional training can greatly reduce the risks involved in any driving tasks.

Work Training Methods

Some of the options out there include physical training courses — which are probably the best but also the most expensive — and online courses. You can likely find old VHS tapes and reels that are dated but you’d also have to secure working copies and equipment. An online option is one you can send to your workers anywhere. Getting actual hands on training with your vehicles will be the most beneficial. Even people with years of experience driving cars won’t completely understand the different skills and understanding required in driving unfamiliar, oversized rental trucks, especially when they are loaded down or towing a trailer.

Are You Liable?

Accidents are just that, accidental and hardly ever expected. Getting your workers trained and proving that you did so can help keep you from being dragged into a costly lawsuit due to someone else’s driving. We don’t want your pickup rental decision to ever feel like a mistake. Any job endeavor is going to require planning and preparation. Safety for yourself and your workers is of the greatest importance; secondary is the safety of equipment. We don’t want your insurance to go up when accidents happen that could have been avoided. Legal costs, insurance costs and lost labor time are certainly very important arguments to why proper training, despite any costs, can do a lot to help prevent trouble. Check out this cost calculator to get an idea.

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