Preventing Pothole Damage

It’s nearly spring and life is good. Your boss supplied rental trucks for the team and it’s almost, “ride around with the windows down” weather. But before you get too excited, beware of the downside of spring — the resurgence of potholes.

When moisture seeps into small holes and cracks in the road the problem begins. Utah is known for its second and third winters, meaning that temperatures will continue to rise and fall until the weather warms for good.

As road moisture continues to expand and contract due to thawing and freezing, potholes are born.

The Problem With Potholes

When you’re cruising down the road to your next job at a high speed, you aren’t thinking about the quality of the road. That is, you aren’t thinking about it until you hit a pothole hard enough to throw the cabin of your truck into disarray.

You may only be upset about the fact that your coffee nearly spilled. What you didn’t realize is that hitting potholes at a high speed can cause damage to your alignment, axle, tires and all parts of your steering and suspension components.

If this were your own vehicle, you could face thousands of dollars in repairs. With a pickup rental, you may be worried that the dings and dents can drive up costs on your end. At Summit Fleet, our end goal isn’t to profit from small, unexpected damages. Even so, the best thing you can do on your end is to drive as safely as possible.

Avoiding Damage

Head into spring with confidence using these tips.

Avoid puddles. Though it’s fun to make a splash, they can hide deep potholes that could cause excess damage to the tires of your pickup rental . Keeping your tires properly inflated is and avoiding potholes are great ways to keep your rental in tip-top shape.

Most importantly, be aware of the road. Keeping your eyes ahead and slowing down on damaged roads will save you a lot of worry and frustration.


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