Bluetooth in Trucks — Safe or Not?

A manual, visual and cognitive distraction hides in the cup holder of your pickup rental. As technology improves, this tiny danger continues to cause accidents and fatalities — it’s your mobile phone. With music to play, and calls, texts and social media notifications to respond to, it can be hard to resist fiddling with.

One thing we can all be grateful for is the development of Bluetooth technology. This simple, hands-free solution allows the driver to focus on the road and keep their hands on the wheel. But the question remains, is this technology safe or does the distraction remain?

Conflicting Answers

We know that use of any technology behind the wheel can put every person on the road in danger. Even something as small as a car radio can be enough to cause an accident. However, with the creation of hands-free solutions, among other safety features, there has been a decline in traffic related deaths.

A Simple Solution

Luckily, those who have gotten their rental trucks from Summit Fleet have GPS tracking in each vehicle. From the comfort of your desk, you can monitor every vehicle in your fleet. This means that you can see which employees tend to speed and which employees go outside of their designated work area.

Even something as small as the levels of all the fluids of the truck can be monitored.

As the head of the company, these features can also tell you which employees have the best driving habits. A hands-free policy can save lives, but if the drivers in your rental trucks can’t multi-task when using Bluetooth to simply play and change music, they present a danger to everyone on the road.

Keep each individual’s latest driving habits in mind and allow Bluetooth use as a privilege behind the wheel. Your simply want to keep your investment and more importantly, your employees lives safe any way that works for you — and we want to help.


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