Report Grades Cell Phone Driving Laws By State

Report Grades Cell Phone Driving Laws By State
October 20, 2023
WhistleOut released a report that looked at each state to see which laws around cell phone use have been passed and are enforced. They then graded each state’s effort.
The report found that no state had laws fully enforcing all 3 categories.
handheld ban
young driver cell phone ban
texting ban
Grade A
Graded from A to F, the report found 22 states worthy of an “A” grade with 2 out of 3 bans, plus a partial ban
  1. Handheld ban
  2. Texting ban
  3. Partial young driver cell phone ban that extends to certain young drivers
A few examples:
Grade F
  • Montana is the only state with zero (0) laws or bans in place.
  • The only other state that comes close to Montana is Missouri, which only offers a partial texting and driving ban.
The majority of U.S. states received a “C” or above—a passing grade, and 22 states received an "A". Still, some states are safer than others for driving
Full List By State
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