Rent Trucks for Environmental Work

In today’s world, we have to play an active role in preventing the devastating consequences of global warming. We need to consciously save our environment and think of how we are impacting it. It’s where environmental work, especially environmental construction, comes into the picture.

To facilitate environmental work on a large scale, industry experts and companies need reliable transportation to take their crew and equipment, tools, and materials to different job sites. It’s where Summit Fleet can help you!

We can provide you with reliable rental trucks to fulfill your job requirements with ease. Before we dive into the various ways in which we can help your business, let’s take a deeper look into environmental services.

The Vast World of Environmental Services

In the ever-growing world of environmental services, people strive in various industries to preserve our environment. These include:

  • Construction work
  • Waste removal
  • Environmental consultancy & more!

As an environmental consultant, you have the vital responsibility of providing your expertise and professional assessments to businesses to become more environmentally friendly. You also have to evaluate their environmental policies and management processes and measuring their environmental contamination.

Your services are needed everywhere to ensure the world remains as clean and green as possible. When you’re part of the environment industry, you can be a small waste removal company or a large-scale construction company that focuses on environmentally friendly projects.

Waste removal services often work in townhomes or apartment complexes that provide their residents with valet trash services. In this industry, you need reliable pickup trucks that you can use as garbage disposal trucks. You can rent trucks for environmental work at Summit Fleet. Our trucks will help you get your waste removal job done seamlessly.

Environmental construction or green construction entails building a structure while keeping the environment and the health of the individuals who will reside or work in the building in mind. It requires using environmentally safe processes to ensure the design and construction of top-tier, healthier, and overall energy-efficient commercial buildings.

This industry comprises enterprises and organizations that offer key solutions regarding sustainable building practices and appropriate construction cleanup. Depending on the type of project you take up, its length can be anywhere between three to six months. However, some large-scale projects might take longer to complete. You will need the appropriate vehicles to facilitate these projects and bring them to completion.

Benefits of Environmental Construction

Environmental construction has the following benefits for our environment:

  • It protects natural spaces as construction companies take the required steps to limit the impact of construction on the local ecology.
  • Since these projects are often built of developed properties, they focus on restoring the building site’s plant life by reducing the area used for parking or using green roofs.
  • Environmental construction reduces water waste and air pollution while minimizing the effects of water usage on the local aquatic and plant life and reducing energy usage.
  • Green buildings use materials that have a lesser impact on the environment. Specialists use fewer materials and efficient designs to ensure the project is environmentally friendly. They also use and promote recycling throughout the process.
  • Green projects are incredibly cost-effective as they can reduce a building’s day-to-day costs.

Why Should You Rent Trucks Instead of Buying Them?

Are you confused about why renting trucks for long-term projects or services, such as garbage disposal or recurring green construction work is better than buying a fleet of trucks?

Well, it’s simple!

Renting a fleet of trucks saves you from all long-term commitments. It always works in your favor because businesses are ever-changing and their financial responsibilities and stability can change without warning. It happens all the time! One moment a business is enjoying its success and the next, it is facing serious financial constraints and is about to go under. Moreover, you cannot guarantee that you will continue to receive projects regularly.

If something like this happens, you don’t want to be stuck with a fleet of trucks that you have bought with your hard-earned money and that is now just sitting in your garage and collecting dust. Moreover, if most of your inventory remains unused, you will have to face costly repairs and maintenance. 

To save yourself from an uncertain eventuality, you can trust Summit Fleet with our professionally maintained trucks. It’s the safest and most financially sound move. Our trucks will get you from one job site to another and once you are done with your long-term project, you can terminate your contract. On the flip side, if you receive another project, you can continue your rental agreement with us.

Why Choose Summit Fleet

Are you wondering why you should put your faith in Summit Fleet and rent trucks for environmental work from us? Well, the truth is that we have worked with many environmental consultants and companies. We understand that you need effective, reliable, well-maintained, and eco-friendly vehicles to fulfill your transportation and loading needs.

When you partner with us, we can get you wherever you need to go. Here are some benefits of renting from us:

  • Elimination of high upfront costs involved in buying a fleet of trucks
  • Reduction of redundant paperwork via a seamless renting process
  • Replacement of unused inventory with efficient and flexible transportation options
  • The flexibility of increasing or reducing your fleet based on your project needs

Moreover, at Summit Fleet, we understand that many environmental projects, especially construction-related, require a lot of heavy lifting that normal pickup trucks cannot offer. It’s why we provide you with flatbeds and pickups designed for the heavy lifting needed in commercial projects. We have flexible renting options – from a ½ ton pickup truck to a 1 ½ ton flatbed.

Regardless of the scale of your project, you will get the trucks you need at Summit Fleet. We will take care of your transportation needs so that you can focus on making the world a better place to live in.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right now to rent your environmental service fleet today!

We are excited to announce that Flex Fleet Rental has become part of Summit Fleet to offer world-class fleet rentals, fleet management, and leasing!