Reliable Government Fleet – Must Have for Government Projects

At Summit Fleet we understand that local, county, state and federal governments back more major construction projects that any single entity in the nation. Most of the time, a reliable government fleet is needed. It takes a lot to service a town and the one you live in is no different. The well-being and safety of citizens is based on the amenities available in a town. It’s hard to imagine your town without a local hospital, school, fire station or post office. Without these services, it would make everyday life very different.

Here are a few government construction projects currently in the works in our country:

Martin Army Community Hospital in Fort Benning, GA

  • The 745,000 square foot hospital doubles the size of the original facility.
  • This will include two wings, an outpatient clinic and a 70-bed inpatient facility.
  • The design is a mixture of precast concrete, glass and natural stone. It also includes a vegetative roof and an energy lighting system.

Harris County 911 Call Center in Houston, TX

  • When finished this center will be a two-story, 25,000 square foot facility. It’s being designed to withstand a category five hurricane. This will help employment around the area and the team will be able to assist more people in emergency situations who call the number.

USPS Morgan Post Office in New York, NY 

Upgrades to the north and south buildings include:

  • Replacing all 1,700 windows in the north building.
  • Installing a 100,000 square foot green roof.
  • Updating electrical service between the north and south buildings consisting of 14,000 feet.
  • Updating the loading dock.
  • Repairing to the North building’s steam system.

Fort Bend County Jail Renovation and Expansion in Richmond TX

Expansion and renovation includes:

  • 213,000 square foot addition of jail space.
  • A new connector attaching the expansion to the old facility.
  • The nine-story tower will add an additional 1,008 beds to prevent overcrowding.

The construction of these facilities takes myriad resources and manpower. That’s where Summit Fleet comes in. Average trucks may not be enough for these large government projects. Every project can be vastly different, but know that no matter what size your project, Summit Fleet has you covered for your government fleet.


What Truck is Right for Your Project?

Here are some popular options for government fleet vehicles at Summit Fleet:

½ ton pickup– This pickup is one of the most versatile and economical trucks available. This can sit six people comfortably and has a towing capacity up to 9,000 lbs.

¾ ton pickup- If the ½ isn’t enough power, try the ¾ ton. This truck has a horsepower of up to 440 and a towing capacity up to 16,817 lbs. This is our most popular pickup.

1-ton flatbed-  This is built for versatility. It includes a goose-neck hitch and reinforced rear bumper hitch assembly. This flatbed can tow up to 18,500 lbs.

1.5-ton flatbed-  If the 1-ton flatbed is not enough, this flatbed is the go-to. Horsepower is up to 440 and can tow up to 26,600 lbs.


Benefits of Summit Fleet

  • Is your work place in a remote location? No problem. We can work with you anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Is your project only four months long? Perfect! No long-term contracts with us.
  • Need to go off road? Unlike a lot of rental companies, you can go off road with us.
  • Do you need 30 trucks or more? No matter the size of the order, we can handle it.

Contact Summit Fleet and reserve your government fleet trucks today!




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