EV Paper-Based Concept Vehicle

Citroën Oli Concept EV Pickup/SUV
EV Paper-Based Concept
Focuses on Sustainability

October 12, 2022

The Citroën Oli is an all-electric, paper-based concept vehicle. The French automaker just revealed a new concept vehicle that puts a premium on sustainability. It starts with a battery-electric drivetrain while adding recyclable parts that include honeycomb cardboard panels.

“Less is more,” the automaker proclaims about the Citroën Oli show car, and while it seems unlikely the prototype pickup will actually make it into production, it is expected to influence the brand’s future products.

"We've all played with paper planes, but if Citroën has its way, we may soon be driving paper cars."
Paul A. Eisenstein, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, The Detroit Bureau
The design is actually a blend of SUV and pickup, with a storage bed enclosed by a split tailgate. As wild as the basic design might be, where the Citroën Oli really stands out is in its use of sustainable materials, both inside and out.

That includes body panels made of honeycomb cardboard sandwiched between fiberglass panels. Citroën claims they’re as strong as conventional steel but a full 50% lighter, helping improve the efficiency of the concept vehicles electric drivetrain.
Citroën Oli: Radical, Responsible and Optimistic Approach initiates Future Intentions for the Brand
Citroen Press Release, Sept 29, 2022
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