4×4 Truck Rentals at Summit Fleet

Are you on the lookout for a 4×4 truck rental?

With the increasing boom of the construction industry, many companies keep getting more and more projects. In such a competitive environment, you definitely need more horsepower than your competitors to successfully accomplish all of your projects in a timely manner. So, the question arises, do you have the expenses to just go ahead and purchase a brand new truck to meet your company’s burgeoning needs? Wouldn’t that be a bit counterintuitive, considering that you might not even need to use the truck frequently?

If you buy a truck, you’ll need a significant chunk of money for its maintenance, even when it’s on standby. So, buying a new truck will certainly cost you more than it will help you earn. What’s more is that you can certainly put that money to better use!

So, what are you supposed to do to fulfill your company’s needs?

Well, we have just the perfect solution for you. Rather than throwing your money on buying a new truck, avail the fantastic renting facilities of Summit Fleet and rent our 4×4 truck!

Our Variety of 4×4 Truck Rentals

If you need some extra hauling power for your company, then there’s no better option than Summit Fleet. Rather than spending your time, resources, and money that you would spend on buying and maintaining a brand new truck, make the smart, more effective, and cost-effective choice and rent out a truck from our extensive range of 4×4 rental trucks.

We have got every 4×4 truck that you could ever need. We make sure to keep our trucks in top shape and always prepared for the job at hand. So, let’s take a look at our wide range of 4×4 rental trucks that you can select from for your company’s projects.

The ½ Ton Truck

Our ½ ton 4×4 rental truck is one of the most economically viable and multipurpose trucks available for commercial use. It has a roomy cabin that can comfortably accommodate 6 people. You can even use that cabin space to keep any sensitive tolls or equipment that has the risk of getting wrecked in transit.

What’s more is that the cargo space of this truck is pretty sufficient as well to carry and move a significant quantity of equipment and your crew all together. It also has a factory tow hitch assembly, which is prepared to go whenever you want to haul some supplementary cargo.

The ¾ Ton Truck

If the power of the ½ ton truck isn’t sufficient for your needs, then you can take a look at our ¾ Ton 4×4 truck rental. This truck offers a cargo capacity that is considerably more than the ½ ton truck. Plus, it also has a pretty spacious cabin where your crew can easily sit.

With the ¾ ton truck, you can have significantly superior horsepower, without having to compromise on the economic benefits of the ½ ton truck. What this essentially means is that you will have all the offerings of an amazing and convenient truck with manageable fuel costs.

The 1 Ton 4×4 Truck

The 1-ton trucks at Summit Fleet will provide you a higher capacity and more raw power to easily carry and transport larger equipment. These trucks are simply among the finest in our fleet. They have a flatbed cargo area, which makes it pretty convenient to transport all sorts of cargo. It also has a secured rear bumper hitch and a gooseneck hitch assembly, which means that you can easily tow heavy equipment in the back without any worry.

The cabin area is as spacious as the other 4×4 trucks; it can comfortably seat 6 individuals. Plus, if you consider the impressively high torque and raw power of these trucks, you will be left impressed with the surprising fuel economy for a truck of this weight class.

The 1½ Ton 4×4 Truck

If you have an upcoming project that entails tugging the maximum load as well as your crew, then nothing will work better than our 1½ Ton 4×4 Truck Rental. It has an incredible gross combined weight rating of a whopping 40,000 pounds! Moreover, it comes with upgraded suspension and high capacity trailer tow options, which inarguably make this truck the most powerful work truck that you can ever use.

Additionally, the cabin area of this truck has the capacity to comfortably seat 6 people, which means that you won’t have to make more than one trip to your job site to transport both the equipment and your crew members. The flat bed of this truck also allows you to tow heavy equipment without any worries.

Why Should You Get Your Truck From Summit Fleet?

Here, at Summit Fleet, we completely understand that our clients’ time and ease is of utmost importance, which is why our services are catered to make your work easier for you. So, if you are wondering why you should choose us, let’s take a look at some exceptional and compelling reasons why there’s no better rental service for 4×4 truck rentals than Summit Fleet:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: It’s pretty simple; if you rent out a truck, it will cost you significantly less than purchasing one. You won’t have to deal with any purchasing, maintenance, or repair costs in the long run. All you’ll have to take care of is the fuel and maintenance costs when the truck is under your use.
  • Time-Saving: Regardless of where you live in the US, we will bring our trucks to you! Simply let us know where you want the truck transported, and we’ll surely deliver it within the next 5 to 10 business days. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with an annoyingly extensive list of contracts. You will just have to sign a single contract to get your 4×4 rental. This will save you significant time.
  • Flexibility: We are uber-flexible and willing to accommodate the needs of our clients. Depending on your changing needs, if you want to multiply or reduce the number of trucks that you want from us, just let us know and leave the rest to us!

Reach Out to Summit Fleet

If you want to learn more about our amazing 4×4 truck rentals and how you can rent them out, then do reach out to us on our website. We will surely help you out and fix you up with our 4×4 truck.

We are excited to announce that Flex Fleet Rental has become part of Summit Fleet to offer world-class fleet rentals, fleet management, and leasing!