Telematics Success Story – Oilfield Service

Telematics Success Story:
Oilfield Pipeline Service Company

February 21, 2023
For JP Services, an oilfield pipeline service company based in Texas, delivering service excellence to customers is a top priority.

With job sites off the main highways or out of state, keeping projects on schedule and on budget means staying up-to-date on the status of drivers and vehicles.

Before telematics, JP Services had several top challenges they were looking to address:

  • Asset Location: Find a way to verify the time of arrival at a job site and time of leaving.
  • Driver Safety: Encourage safe driving habits in the field and reducing speeding.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Get information on repairs before they turned into bigger issues.
Reports & Notifications Customized to JP Services' Needs

Reports JP Services consults most frequently:
  • Advanced Detailed Exception report: Summarizes which fleet rules have been broken, such as speeding.
  • Risk Management report: Compares driver performance based on several metrics.
    • JP Services customized the report to show maximum speed, idle time, total distance, and # of stops.
"This program allows you to ... know what is really going on. We have been able to reduce costs and correct driving behaviour more efficiently."
Brittany Peter, Fleet and Asset Manager, JP Services
Reduced Idling Time & Maintenance Costs

Reduced Idling Time
Tracking idle time and idle-to-cost % has helped raise awareness with JP Services' drivers.

  • Previously, they had problems with exhaust filters clogging up, since most of the trucks are diesels. Now that idling is under control, the filter issues have been eliminated.
Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
Engine fault code data in MyGeotab allows JP Services to detect possible issues in advance.
Reinforced Safety Program
Telematics has become an extension of their safety program, supporting company policies and training when drivers are in the field.
  • Speeding is controlled with in-vehicle driver feedback via beeper. As a result, JP Services has seen a reduction in maximum speeds.
"We can solve the minor issue at the time, before it becomes a major problem." Peter says
Overall, the Geotab solution helps JP Services focus on doing the best for their customers, at the same time ensuring that each employee gets home safely each day.
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