Ram Unveils Its All-Electric Pickup Concept

Ram Unveils Its
All-Electric Pickup Concept

January 5, 2023
At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Ram offered a glimpse at the extensive features and edgy styling coming with the Ram 1500 Revolution EV.
Like the production pickup set to debut in 2024, the Ram Revolution is based on the new STLA Large architecture developed by parent Stellantis.
It's a skateboard-like platform, mounting batteries and motors below the load floor.
The distinctive styling introduces some useful features, including
  • “Shadow Mode” where truck can be moved by following a short distance behind its driver walking ahead
  • 5-inch increase in wheelbase compared to an ICE Ram 1500 pickup
  • Flexible layout to the interior, including foldable rear jumpseats
Third row, foldable jump seats
The Revolution also gets an extendable cargo bed, as well as an opening midgate between the bed and cabin. Add a pass-through from cabin to frunk, and lumber and other cargo up to 18 feet can be carried while keeping the tailgate closed.
With the concept vehicle debuting at CES, we should get a look at the actual production model later this year. The Ram 1500 EV is expected to go on sale sometime in 2024.
Full Article by Paul Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau
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