Maximize Your Fleet’s Tire Life

Fleet truck rentals can be used to drive across the country. This can get rather expensive. Maximize the benefit of truck rentals by learning how to maximize the tire life on truck rentals. Tire repair can be expensive so be sure you apply these tips to maximize your tire’s lives during long-term rentals.

Check Tires

Before even leaving the lot with your truck rentals, be sure to check the inflation of your tires. By maintaining proper air pressure in your tires, it will extend your tire life and is beneficial for fuel consumption. By checking your tire pressure before you leave the lot and frequently checking your tire pressure throughout your long-term rental, you will save more money.

If you are constantly having to put air in your tire due to low tire pressure, remove and service the tire as soon as possible. You want to avoid a possible blowout at all costs.

Be Sure Your Tires Meet Seasonal Demands

Summit Fleet has the ability to bring you pickups across the nation. We bring your rentals to you wherever your job is. It is important to be sure the tires meet seasonal demands, especially winter conditions. You need to be confident your tires will perform well in all conditions. During the colder months of the year, be sure to drive carefully when in slick conditions.


Keeping up maintenance on your truck rental is importance. Be sure your truck is in good condition to ensure a longer life for the truck and the tires. Get the alignment of your truck checked out. If your truck is not aligned properly the wear on your tires will significantly increase and your fuel efficiency will decrease.

Be sure to follow these tips to maintain a good tire life. This way you will not only prolong the tire life, but also increase fuel efficiency in your truck rentals.




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