Fleet Safety During the Winter

Even though this time of the year is considered the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” it is not necessarily the case for drivers. Icy roads and snow storms are well along their way this season and most of us need reminders on how to be safe on the road when those conditions occur. Fleet safety is important in these conditions since transportation-related accidents were up 41% in work-related deaths.

Here are some tips from AAA when it comes to fleet safety this season.

Slow Down!

It’s important to not be in a hurry this season. Applying gas and braking too quickly is a cause for a lot of fleet accidents. Make sure you’re applying the gas slowly as well as braking well before the stoplight or other obstacles. All your normal maneuvers are going to be slower on snow and ice. Taking your time can prevent dangerous situations on the road. We understand that you have places to be in your fleet vehicle, but your safety is much more important.

Know Your Brakes

Threshold braking is the best way to stop while driving on ice and snow. Threshold braking is when you keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use the ball of your food to apply steady pressure to the brake pedal. This way of breaking allows the driver much more control over their vehicle.

Don’t Stop if Possible

Sometimes a full stop is necessary, but if it can be avoided don’t stop all the way. More inertia is used to start moving from a full stop than is used to get moving while your car is still rolling. Many drivers will approach a traffic light very slowly and be at a slow crawl by the time the light changes.

Take It Easy on the Hills

One way to get your wheels spinning is to apply extra gas when climbing a hill. If you can build up extra inertia before you reach the hill, that is best. Once you reach the downward end of the hill though, reduce your speed as soon as possible.

Stay Focused

Technology is at our fingertips all the time now. It’s very important that we keep our eyes on the road always, especially during winter time. It’s recommended you put all those devices away while driving so you’re not tempted to check work emails or Facebook while on the road.

Stay Home

If you don’t have to leave the house for work during snowstorms, don’t do it. You may drive well in the snow, but most people don’t. If you can work from home during these times or just take a day off, that would be ideal.

Fleet safety is contingent on these reminders. Some of them are very simple but easily forgotten every winter season. Make sure you’re safe this winter so you can enjoy it!