Benefits of a Rental Truck

Here at Summit Fleet we understand that you want to maximize your business without spending your life savings. If you are working on a short-term project, or are in a transitional time in your business, renting is the most financially sound way to meet your needs. Rental trucks give opportunities to transport anything you need, without having to put down a loan to get your own vehicle.

Better Financially

Rental trucks aren’t just great because of convenience, but they’re also good for your wallet. We offer a variety of trucks to make sure you get what you need for a job, without having to get your own truck. Whether you’re working on a short-term project or a two year one, buying a new vehicle for the job might not be the best decision. Be smart financially, rent a truck and get going on your project.

Flexible and Personalized

Here at Summit Fleet we tackle projects in a personalized way. We want you to have the best experience and get the most out of your rental trucks. We don’t want to take over your fleet, but help maximum your current situation.

Rental trucks don’t have to be all about the company your renting from, but should be about you. That’s why we have a one-on-one approach to help you get exactly what you want. Do you want a company logo on your truck even for the short amount of time you’ll be using it? Go for it. We want you to excel and to be happy.

No Long-term Commitments

Do you have commitment issues? Come to us. Buying a truck is a long term commitment, renting one isn’t. Knowing that there’s no purchase obligation when you rent from us is just another thing to check off the list. Take a deep breath, don’t stress and call us for a quick quote to see how we can help you.

We are excited to announce that Flex Fleet Rental has become part of Summit Fleet to offer world-class fleet rentals, fleet management, and leasing!