15 Passenger Van Rentals Now Available

That’s right! We have 15 passenger van rentals ready for you and your business or organization to use. Rent one today for a minimum of four months, then month-to-month after that. Whether you are in the construction industry and need to transport your crew, or you work for a non-profit that needs to move some members, our Chevy vans can do the job.

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Now specifically… if you are in the construction industry, it would be unfortunate for you to miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of a good contract just because you do not have the necessary transport to get the crew to the jobsite. This is a fact that applies to both small and large construction firms. Every once in a while, your company is offered a contract which requires you to travel to another state with the crew and equipment to get to the jobsite.

If you do not have the adequate vehicles, the logistics of such a contract can become quite hectic. Of course that doesn’t mean you should just outright invest in a completely new vehicle because of the needs of a single contract. This is a big investment to make and the overall costs of the operation along with the cost of acquiring the new vehicle will create a big dent in the profits your company stands to gain.

A simpler solution is getting a 15 passenger van rental on demand instead. Just get a passenger van rental from Summit Fleet and your worries will go away. By renting a  passenger van rental, you can get your construction crew to the jobsite without any issues.

Why Get a 15 Passenger Van Rental?

The usual job that your company might get in the construction industry will probably be within a reasonable distance from where your company is based. You might not even need to send in a lot of people for a particular contract and they can fit in with the equipment in your 4x4s within the passenger crews. It is just that every now and then there comes a bigger contract which will see you investing a lot of manpower into it. Now if you are considering fitting the entire crew along with the necessary equipment all at the same time for the long haul, you know how much of a nightmare that can be. The standard ½ ton trucks are not built to accommodate more than 6 people within the crew cab.

The options would be to either stuff everybody into a congested space or for the ½ ton truck to make multiple rounds to get both the equipment and crew to the jobsite. That wastes a lot of time and money. The third option is getting a 15 passenger van rental – this will make your worries go away.

With standard seating for 15 people, our passenger vans offer more than enough space for everybody. You and your passengers can easily travel to the jobsite no matter how far it is with easy loading and unloading. You will even enjoy plenty of space for their luggage and take advantage of safety features which ensure a more comfortable experience for the crew.

Just in case you have a large company with a bigger crew and you need to transport more than 15 passengers, you should know that we have plenty of these 15 passenger van rentals available in our fleet for you to choose at your discretion. After all, this is the most practical way for the entire crew to travel to the jobsite. You will not need to worry about making multiple trips and spending so much time and money.

Going for a rental will also drastically reduce the costs you would otherwise have to incur. If you purchase a completely new 15 passenger van because of a single project which required you to use one, you will have to bear more costs than just the initial acquisition. Once the job is done and you are not using it, there is a chance that your vehicle will require you to invest more money into it than the returns you get from it. Maintenance is not very cheap when it comes to keeping the vehicle in top condition over a long time.

When you go with a 15 passenger van rental, you don’t have to worry about any initial acquisition costs nor do you have to worry about the long term costs of maintenance. You just use the vehicle for the job as you need it and then return it back to Summit Fleet when you are done using it. The duration you have the vehicle, the fuel costs and any minor maintenance work will be all that you need to worry about other than the rent itself but nothing more than that.

15 Passenger Van Rental Features

  • Rear vision camera
  • Hill start assist
  • Brake and Transmission shift interlock for automatic transmission
  • Running lamps for daytime
  • Steel side and door beams
  • Full power steering
  • 31-gallon fuel capacity for long haul trips
  • Cruise grade braking
  • 8 speed automatic transmission
  • A 3 Liter V3 Engine which has direct injection and variable valve timing
  • StabiliTrak (assists the driver when it comes to controlling the traction and enhances the stability system for the vehicle)

Why Choose Summit Fleet?

All of these facts will help you understand why it is always a good idea to get one of these 15 passenger van rentals when it comes to a big project that your company is taking on. Now, the question is: Why choose Summit Fleet to acquire one of these vehicles for the job? What makes it so special?

For one, our very name is Summit Fleet. That is because we are flexible when it comes to accommodating our clients for their diverse requirements in comparison to other rental companies. We understand that the nature of the job and the requirements can change. At Summit Fleet, we make it a point to ensure the maximum convenience for our clients.

We happen to boast a massive fleet and each of our vehicles are well-maintained. No matter where you are in the country, if you need a 15 passenger van rental, we will deliver one to you right where you want us to. Plus, we have an amazing support team that will help you with any and all questions you have.

In fact, if you want to get more information or a quote about a 15 passenger van rental, just feel free to call us at 888.680.8508 and we will be more than happy to help you out.

We are excited to announce that Flex Fleet Rental has become part of Summit Fleet to offer world-class fleet rentals, fleet management, and leasing!