Rent. Work. Return.

Whether your project requires short or long-term solutions, Summit Fleet trucks are ready to go to work.

We understand that no company is the same and we don’t provide our customers with a one-size-fits-all program. We work closely with our customers to devise a rental program customized to fit your project needs.

Delivering to most states and provinces in Canada and USA allows customers from all over to utilize our services without being limited to just their area.

Our monthly truck rental program is quick and efficient, leaving you more time to focus on your project.

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Rental Benefits

We go beyond simply offering versatile trucks. We also provide value added optional services like GPS tracking and XM radio.

You can count on Summit Fleet to deliver:

  • Vehicles approved for off-road use
  • Tow packages on all trucks
  • Custom mileage allowance
  • Large orders (More than 50 vehicles? No problem.)
  • Hassle-free vehicle delivery and return
  • No acquisition requirements
  • No residual obligation
  • License plate compliance – 48 states and all provinces
  • Local sales tax remittance
  • One rental agreement per company, which means less paperwork for you
  • A single point of contact for nationwide service

Why buy when you can rent with us hassle-free and for no upfront capital?

Preserve your capital

Don't utilize your capital to purchase or lease vehicles to cover temporary fleet requirements in your operation.

Avoid outfitted costs

Our fleet includes outfitted, specialized vehicles for a wide range of industries.

Maximum utilization

Temporary fleets allow you to spend on fleet only for the amount of time you require it. No idle time, no unnecessary expenses.

No vehicle downtime

With the ability to immediately replace your rental, there are no maintenance downtimes or breakdowns you need to absorb.

No commitments

Ability to add, change or return vehicles at any time without penalty.

Minimal Maintenance

We offer only under-warranty age vehicles, ensuring maintenance costs are kept to a minumum.

Maintain your image

Maintain a successful business image by operating only with the latest year models in the market.


Compared to leasing or purchasing, renting decreases expenditure without compromising your fleet requirements.

Embark on a straightforward and hassle-free rental journey with Summit Fleet.

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Step 1: Choose Your Vehicle:

Browse our diverse fleet and select the vehicle that best suits your project's requirements.

Step 2: Set Your Terms

Decide how long you need the vehicle and choose the rental term that best fits your schedule.

Step 3: Hit the Road

Pick up your vehicle from our convenient location, or ask about our delivery options to get your vehicle where it needs to be.