Fleet Rentals

Summit Fleet's rental division focuses on the supply of temporary fleet vehicles to corporate clients. Whether to cover additional contract gains, peaks in business, seasonality, project-based needs, corporate events, or vehicle breakdowns we provide solutions to your fluctuating operation.

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Our rental fleet includes:

Standard sized vehicles


Trucks: 1500, 2500, 3500

Passenger vans


Specialized vehicles

What are the benefits of renting?

Preserve your capital

Don't utilize your capital to purchase or lease vehicles to cover temporary fleet requirements in your operation.

No commitments

Ability to add, change or return vehicles at any time without penalty.

Avoid outfitted costs

Our fleet includes outfitted, specialized vehicles for a wide range of industries.

Minimal maintenance requirements

We only offer under-warranty age vehicles.

Maximum utilization

Temporary fleets allow you to spend on fleet only for the amount of time you require it. No idle time, no unnecessary expenses.

Maintain your image

Maintain a successful business image by operating only with the latest year models in the market.

No vehicle downtime

With the ability to immediately replace your rental, there are no maintenance downtimes or breakdowns you need to absorb.


Compared to leasing or purchasing, renting decreases expenditure without compromising your fleet requirements.

Rental Reservations

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With a corporate account you can efficiently reserve rental vehicles and receive monthly invoices for your rental expenses.

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