Need Vehicles? Update August 2023

2023 Ram 1500 Limited
Need Vehicles? Update August 2023
Updated August 22, 2023
Most 2024 factory order banks (Stellantis, GM, and Ford) are already open and accepting orders now.

Get ready to take action on two important dates - order banks will fill up fast!
  • September 11th - Ford's 2024 Vans
  • September 13th - Ford's 2024 1/2 Tons
Since Ford order banks are no longer allocation-based, 3/4 ton and 1 ton order banks are already filling up quickly, and the 1/2 tons will follow suit.
2023 Ram 1500 Rebel

Potential UAW Strike at the Detroit Three Automakers
The members are set to vote on strike authorizations before the end of August.

The Nissan Titan is Dead
Over 20 years after the model made its debut, Nissan is pulling the plug on the Titan pickup truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning production set to triple
Recent plant upgrades at the Rouge EV Center will allow Ford to scale production and sales in the 2nd half of 2023.
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