Need Vehicles? November 2022 Update

Need Vehicles? November 2022 Update
Updated November 17, 2022
Almost all 2023 model year factory order banks are open now. Refer to the chart below for details. Develop a plan for your 2023 vehicle needs and place your orders now.

Upcoming Order Bank Openings
GM 2023 Canyon and Colorado, Nov 18
GM 2024 3/4 ton and 1 ton, Jan 26
GM 2024 1/2 ton, Jun 1
Save thousands of dollars by factory ordering instead of buying off the lot

In the November 14th State of the Fleet Industry video, Automotive Fleet Editor Mike Antich comments on Parts Shortages:

  • There is an ongoing inventory shortage of automotive replacement parts, increasing fleet downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • Due to difficulties in sourcing replacement vehicles, many companies are keeping existing fleet vehicles longer, resulting in higher unscheduled maintenance.
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