Need Vehicles? July 2023 Update

Need Vehicles? Update July 2023
Updated July 14, 2023
Most 2023 order banks are closed now. But worry not - there are lots of 2024 model year order banks open for business!
1/2 Tons - 2024 GM and Ram DT
3/4 & 1 Tons - 2024 GM and Ram
5500 truck - 2024 Ram
Cargo & Passenger Vans - 2024 GM

Chip Shortage Largely Over
According to a new report, vehicle production is in recovery mode
as semiconductor chips have become more readily available.

Ford drops F-150 Lightning Pro EV by $10K
Ford is dropping F-150 Lightning’s price after a series of price
hikes since its release in April 2022. The price drops come
as EV inventories grow and prices overall deflate.

Fatal crash July 5th triggers another Tesla safety probe
EV maker has now faced more than three dozen investigations.
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