Need Vehicles? January 2023 Update

Need Vehicles? January 2023 Update
Updated January 23, 2023
The majority of 2023 model year order banks are either full or closed, and 2024 model year orders are expected to start landing as early as March 2023.
Now is the time to plan
your 2024 model year requirements

Upcoming Order Bank Openings Announced
GM 2024 3/4 ton - January 26
GM 2024 1 ton - January 26
GM 2024 1/2 ton - June 1
  • Stellantis Unveiled Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept at 2023 CES
  • Parkland to double Western Canada EV Charging Network
  • Audi will Convert all Factories to Produce EVs
  • Toyota has new Prototype Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine
Ram 1500 BEV Revolution Concept
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