Need Vehicles? December 2022 Update

2023 Ram 1500 TRX
Need Vehicles? December 2022 Update
Updated December 12, 2022
The majority of 2023 model year order banks are either full or closed, and 2024 model year orders are expected to start landing as early as March 2023.
Now is the time to plan
your 2024 model year requirements

Upcoming Order Bank Openings Announced
GM 2024 3/4 ton - January 26
GM 2024 1 ton - January 26
GM 2024 1/2 ton - June 1
2023 Ram 1500 TRX

In the December 5th 'State of the Fleet Industry' video, Automotive Fleet Editor Mike Antich forecasts commodity prices:

  • Production slowdown of finished commodities isdue to labour shortages, not a decreased end-user demand.
  • Steel prices have stabilized.
  • Shortage of aluminum is anticipated due to simultaneous increased demand from both the aviation and automotive industries
  • Copper prices forecast to increase in CY-2023 as automotive EV production increases.
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