Best Smart Phone Apps for Fleet Management

In the high-tech contemporary era, managing a fleet is no longer a challenging endeavor. Digitization has enabled the development of fleet management apps so that you know exactly where your fleets are at any particular time. These data-driven apps also provide you with all the information you need to improve and implement the best fleet management practices. Let’s explore some top applications for fleet management.

(On a side note, all Summit Fleet vehicles come equipped with Verizon Connect (not a stand alone app). If you are interested in utilizing this fleet management program for your fleet rentals with us, please contact your sales representative.)

1.    Fleetio Go

Fleetio go is an app designed for Android and iOS devices through which managers can track their fleet, obtain real-time fleet data, and update any information at any time. It allows you to manage multiple fleets and assures security by allowing you to view and manipulate permissions.

Plus, there are numerous other features that allow you to report any issues from your smartphone, access contact information of fleet drivers remotely, get reminders for service or maintenance, obtain information pertaining to fuel, use barcode scanning to auto-populate data, view fleet profiles, and view and add photos, comments, or documents.

2.    ClearPathGPS

If you’re detail-oriented and would like to extract a complete route history of each fleet driver for any day, the ClearPathGPS app is for you. You can go into details of a driver’s route history by tapping different icons that correspond to different types of driver and route data. For example, by tapping the stop icon, you can find out the total stop time for different locations.

The icons for stop, moving, speeding, and idle are depicted with varying colors that update every 30 seconds. The app also offers a virtual timecard report, showing all starts, stops, and time spent at locations.

3.    ATTI Shadow Tracker

This app connects companies directly to their fleet through an Android or iOS smartphone or tab. Fleet managers can monitor the status of their fleet at any time, for instance, when a vehicle is stationary or moving. Besides tracking the location, they can even obtain data pertaining to the speed of the vehicles.

All you need to do is equip your vehicles with your company’s GPS vehicle tracking system and start receiving updates on your android device. This incredible app also allows you to export reports to analyze the number of stops and other alerts.

4.    GPS Insight Manager

GPS insight manager allows easy interaction with fleets through messaging, filters, and maps using an Android or iOS device. The app stores vehicle details in the form of a list, allows you to call or message a fleet driver, and view history trails on a map. You can even check any landmarks or vehicles closest to your fleets.

5.    Aguza FleetMobile

This incredible app focuses on multiple aspects of fleet management. It not only helps monitor your fleet but also includes options to ensure the driver’s safety. Offering real-time performance data, Aguza FleetMobile allows managers to monitor driver performance as well as reward them for good scores. Drivers can see their safety scores, making self-assessment possible.

To ensure the safety of drivers, the app includes a feature called DriveSafe, which allows drivers to block any distractions such as calls, texts, and app alerts while driving. As drivers drive fleets, the app creates a comprehensive trip log for anyone to see. Additional features include vehicle condition monitoring, parked fleet location monitoring, and navigation.

6.    NexTraq Connect

This app is exclusively designed for the workforce and drivers on-field. Fleet drivers can find where their assigned vehicles are located, the location of a job site as well as their own location at any time. They can also use it to record start and end times as well as breaks. Any vehicle maintenance issues or accidents can be immediately reported through the app. Drivers can view and change status with a single touch and add any notes with the changes in statuses. They can also access attendance data for any time in the past. Besides these, drivers can also view any job opportunities or customer information.

7.    GPS Trackit Vehicle Tracking

If your team prioritizes convenience and ease of use, the GPS Trackit Vehicle Tracking is an ideal solution. It features an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to locate fleets on maps offering differing viewing options such as standard, hybrid, or satellite views. The app also includes detailed information about a fleet’s last known location. Date and time filters allow you to get the reported locations of a fleet as well as vehicle history reports for a specific time range.

8.    MyGeoTab

This app offers a highly customizable solution to managing your fleets. Besides the real-time GPS tracking of the fleet and advanced driver and fleet reporting, MyGeoTab allows you to create customizable rules for events like stops or speeding. It also includes options for driver behavior management, vehicle health maintenance monitoring, and route planning. Not only does the app allow for immense data integration and customization, but it also automatically adjusts and scales to your device and allows you to switch the operating language between English, Spanish, French, and German.

9.    Lytx DriveCam

This app is designed to offer 24/7 secure access to fleet cameras from an iPad device. The real-time DriveCam online information is valuable in terms of monitoring fleet risk, sets priorities for drivers’ safety measures, and suggests tools for mentoring drivers. The most critical features include real-time vehicle locations, driver coaching, and dashboards.

Final Thoughts

While fleet management apps can make fleet management incredibly efficient, these solutions will probably be one of the most expensive investments you will make. As we saw above, different applications come with different features. You should closely examine the needs of your business; for instance, whether you’re only concerned about vehicle tracking or wish to obtain other benefits such as driver behavior management, vehicle health tracking, etc.

If security is an important concern, make sure you go for the one that has the features to allow you control permissions and access. If your fleet management significantly lacks in driver safety, an app that offers options for driver training can be considered. The bottom line is that you should pay considerable attention to your business needs and evaluate the pros and cons of each option before making any purchase.




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