What sets Summit Fleet apart?

By focusing on the Western Canadian Market we are able to provide solutions and deliver a level of service not possible by the competition that is trying to be “everything to everyone everywhere.”

Fleet management includes a range of functions, such as vehicle financing or leasing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics, driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management. Our industry-specific best practices sharing approach provides unique insight into the management and control of a light duty fleet leading to industry-specific benchmarking.

Light Duty Expertise

Our in-house light duty expertise is unequalled and leads to a comprehensive full lifecycle cost analysis. Our understanding of the distinctive operating conditions facing fleets operating in the west enhances our ability to provide expense control recommendations and develop appropriate model recommendations and cost-effective fleet selectors.

The result is efficient and effective fleet management. This allows companies which rely on transportation in their business to minimize or even remove the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation costs.

We’re not new, but we do offer a new approach that focuses on the west, on the energy sector, and on optimizing your vehicle fleet.

Why else should you choose Summit Fleet?

Western Canadian Solution

By focusing on a very specific market segment, we are able to provide solutions and deliver a level of service not possible by the competition.

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Change for good

We‘ve been in this industry for years, and we saw an opportunity in Western Canada to be that change.

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Summit Acceptance Corp.

Summit Fleet - a consolidation of all Kaizen leasing and renting assets.

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