November 2018

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In this issue

Shortage of 2019 Trucks - Order Now

If you need new pickup trucks over the next 12 months, factory order them NOW.

Demand for new light and heavy duty pickup trucks has exceeded supply and we anticipate the situation will get worse before it gets better.

  • Dealer stock units are scarce
  • 2018 model year is built out
  • Earliest delivery on Heavy-duty Pickups is April 2019
  • Earliest delivery on 1/2 Tons is in 2019
    • January - Chrysler
    • February - Ford
    • April - GM

For additional information or assistance with planning, contact your Summit Account Manager

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Ride and Drive Event

Top three ways to reduce spend on your vehicle fleet

The Best:

  • way to reduce your fleet cost is to measure
  • key performance indicator (KPI) for fleet cost reduction is cost per kilometre
  • way to ensure reliable cost/km data is to focus on odometer readings

As fuel costs rise, more and more companies are turning to data analysis to reduce spend on their vehicle fleet. Mobile Apps for drivers are leading the way as a tool to save money and time.

To start using the App, contact your Summit Account Manager

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Dos and don'ts for better fuel economy

Looking for an antidote to high fuel prices? Looking for new ideas to tame fuel consumption?

2018 has seen fuel prices at the pump continue to rise, which has many wondering what they can do to control and reduce the fuel cost associated with operating a vehicle.

Graph from GasBuddy

While there are several tips that can have an impact on fuel economy, 90% of your fuel mileage result is attributed to one critical area.

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Used vehicles thriving in 2018

With Pickups, Vans, and Crossovers leading the way, the used vehicle market in 2018 has surprised experts – in a good way.

At the end of 2017, resale market experts were forecasting a significant hit to used vehicle values in 2018. A metaphorical ‘tidal wave’ was expected as a result of an unusually high volume of 3-year old off-lease vehicles flooding the market in 2018.

So far, 2018 used vehicle values have defied predictions. In fact, the 12-month depreciation rate for the first 6 months of 2018 was 13.7%, this compares to 16.3% in 2017.

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George says...

Continuous improvement rocks!

“In racing there are always things you can learn, every single day. There is always space for improvement, and I think that applies to everything in life.”

- Lewis Hamilton, Formula One racing driver, 5-time champion

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